17 November 2017

Autumn Letter

Hand-painted envelope (with watercolour pencils), sent to Laura (the UK).

15 November 2017

Cleaner Letter

By the way, the reply to that battered letter, sent by Bryon (the USA), arrived really clean. 

Very interesting stamps. The fist one is not a real stamp, but impressed on the envelope:

14 November 2017

Paper Wine

Letter sent to Bryon (the USA).

The stamp on the bottle is the Spanish contribution to the Europa Stamp Contest theme this year. It depicts de castle of Manzanares el Real in Madrid. When I was writing the letter, I thought that Castillo de Manzanares would make a great name for a Spanish wine... And after a short Internet research, I learned that it is an actual brand.

Bryon sent me a colour photocopy for me to see that, well, it was a certain battle between the envelope and the postal machines (and workers?). Poor bottle!

More information about the stamp, here. The other stamp, in the label, belongs to the basic series of the former king of Spain.

12 November 2017

Sunday Stamps | O(scar de la Renta)

These stamps were issued on 16 February 2017, to honour one of the world’s leading fashion designers for 50 years, Oscar de la Renta (1932-2014). The stamp set includes 11 images: an evocative black-and-white portrait of de la Renta and 10 details from some of his most exquisite gowns.

These stamps are big and have a special soft touch. I think they look wonderful in person, like on these envelopes sent by Phillip.

I have received different combinations of them (see the whole set here), on several postcards and letters, and still don't know which one I prefer...

I am adding this post for the letter O of Sunday Stamps-II.

10 November 2017

Visit London

The John Madjeski Garden at night
Victoria and Albert Museum
Photo: Edward Hill

Saatchi Gallery

Handmade postcard, from a box of tea

Postcards sent by Laura (the UK).

Because of the first postcard, I added this port to Postcards for the Weekend, today's theme being Reflections

08 November 2017

Vintage Lighthouses

On the right, Smeaton's Tower is the third and most notable Eddystone Lighthouse. In use from 1759 to 1877, it was largely dismantled and rebuilt on Plymouth Hoe in Plymouth, Devon, where it now stands as a memorial to its designer, John Smeaton, a celebrated civil engineer.

The sender wondered if there is a lighthouse on the left. There is not, but the First and Second World War Naval Memorial, unveiled in 1924.

This one is a second-hand postcard of the England's most South Westerly lighthouse: Longships.

This postcard was sent by the first time in 1965, when the stamp costed 3 old pence (1/80th of a pound). Modern postage is 117 new pence, or about 280 old pence.

Both postcards sent by John (the UK).

06 November 2017

2000 Mail Adventures

This envelope was mailed by my friend Lluïsa in Madrid (Spain) on 11 September 2017, or so the postmark indicates. It arrived in Morocco on 19 October. Five weeks seem quite a lot for a letter from Spain...

The fact is that, if you look closely, you can see two postmarks. The round with the wavy lines is one of the commonest of Correos (the Spanish Postal Service). On the left, a second one, made on 3 October (exactly at 15h56). So?  

Maybe I am wrong, but I think that SWLF on the postmark stands for Sydney West Letter Facility

So... the letter made, let's say, a little detour. Some letters just want to see a bit of the world.

(This is the 2,000th post on this blog. Thanks for reading.)

04 November 2017


Letter sent by Mim (the USA) as part of her mail project: to write a letter daily during the month. This is #5, and I received it actually in October. The collage is from Mim's series Sonrisas ('Smiles').

02 November 2017

Red Mailboxes

Eva painted this postbox herself, and sent it as a postcard from Portugal. Isn't that perfect? Mailboxes can be very inspiring...

And this one was sent by Heleen from the Netherlands. It seems more British than Dutch!

31 October 2017

British Lighthouses on Postcards

Lighthouse on the island of Scalpay, joined to the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides by a bridge. The picture was taken from the ferry between the isles of Skye and Harris.

This one is on the Scottish mainland opposite the island of Skye in the Inner Hebrides. Like almost every Scottish lighthouses, it was designed  (and most were built= by four generations of one family, including Thomas Smith, who was both the stepfather and father-in-law of Robert Stevenson.

(There is some ink on the postcard due to the unknown accidents that the envelope suffered...)

Long postcard showing the lighthouse at Neist Point, probably one of the most famous in Scotland.

Maximum card showing the lighthouse in St John's Point Lighthouse (Northern Ireland).

Lighthouse of Llanddwyn Island, a small tidal island off the west coast of Anglesey. Actually, as the sender wrote: "The cards shows an island (Llanddwyn) off an island (Anglesey) off an island (Britain)".

All postcards sent by John (the UK). The first and second are his own pictures. I guess I need a new label for the blog: places I want to visit.

27 October 2017

Mexican Market

San Juan de Dios Market
Designed by Arq. Alejandro Zohn
Constructed during the early 1950s
Postcard sent by Bryon (Mexico), along with these pieces of mail.

Post added to Maria's link, Postcards for the WeekendThis week, the theme is Markets.  

26 October 2017


«Il avait pensé à tout le mal qu'on faisait au langage. Il lui était alors apparu comme une évidence qu'écrire des cartes postales était un acte de résistance.»

Sébastien Lapaque, Théorie de la carte postale

25 October 2017

Women on Postcards

Retrato femenino (17th century)
Ludolph de Jongh
Postcard sent by Bruno (PC). The painting is in the Museo Lázaro Galdiano.

Desafío (detail)
Verónica Alcácer

Postcard sent by Laura (Spain). The artwork belongs to a series of paintings named Cuerpos libres (='Free Bodies'), exhibited in the Museo de la Evolución Humana (Burgos, Spain).

Postcard sent by Lluïsa (PC). One of the 18 muses represented in the Palau de la Música Catalana in Barcelona. Actually, I had received more of them, but here I can appreciate more details.

Henriette Sauvant's Rapunzel, illustration of the book Zaubbermärchen (='Fairy tales). Postcard sent by Heleen (the Netherlands).

Foundling Girls at Prayer in the Chapel, by Sophia Anderson, late nineteenth century. Foundling Museum (London, UK). Postcard sent by Laura (UK).

Postcard sent by John (the UK).

Postcard sent by Fabienne (France). Poem by Patricia Castex Menier.

24 October 2017

Fearless Cats

Heleen (the Netherlands) draw the Cowardly Lion, which happens to be one of my favourite characters of the Oz world.

Some days after, I received this envelope from Eric (France). It was inspired by a Mini Mission Inspiration, and not intended for the Oz Postcard Project. But it reminds me a lot to the Cowardly Lion... The cat on the matching stamp seems everything but coward!

22 October 2017

Sunday Stamps | L(aw)

For the letter L of Sunday Stamps-II. I have chosen another theme that I find curious: stamps devoted to legal texts.

French stamp issued on 15 March 2004, to commemorate the bicentenary of the promulgation of the Civil Code, on 21 March 1804 (30 Ventôse, year XII), by Napoleon Bonaparte. More information about the stamp here (in French). It features a modern Justice holding the code.

A Mexican stamp that commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Constitución de 1857, issued on 5 February 2016. Designer: Ricardo Venegas Gómez.

In 2015, the Royal Mail issued a set of six stamps to mark the 800th anniversary of the Magna CartaThe stamps feature major charters, bills and declarations that have developed the rule of law in the centuries since around the world. The three that I have received, from 1265 to 2013. Complete information about this issue.

And one stamp from 1987 that I have recently received, that celebrates the 200th anniversary of the drafting of the United Sates Constitution.

21 October 2017

Alice in a Meeting

This postcard was sent in July by Bryon (the USA). But, actually, signed by several postcrossers that attended a Postcrossing meeting... Which made it still more interesting!

I had received a different version of this postcard some time ago.

And more Alice: on this envelope from John (the UK), I received a new stamp from a beloved set: