16 October 2017

From Bosnia & Herzegovina

It is always a pleasure to add a new country to the list of received mail. This is my first postcard from Bosnia and Herzegovina, sent by Sally (who arrived to the blog thanks to the A to Z Challenge).

The postcard shows the National and University Library. During the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, during the siege of Sarajevo, in the night from 25th to 26 August 1992, the enemies shelled Vijećnica where the library was located at that time. As a result, many of its archival and library holdings were destroyed. It has been rebuilt since.

Also you can seethe Latin Bridge, an Ottoman bridge over the river Miljacka. The northern end of the bridge was the site of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in 1914, which started the World War I.

15 October 2017

Sunday Stamps | K(limt)

Special stamp depicting Portrait of Fritza Riedler (1906) by Gustav Klimt, issued on 14 July 2012, commemorating the 150th birthday of the artist. Design by Adolf Tuma.

The original work (Oil on canvas, 152 x 134 cm) is located in the Belvedere Palace in Vienna and is part of the world's largest collection of Klimt paintings.

Added to Sunday Stamps-II, for the letter K.

14 October 2017

09 October 2017

Mail from Mexico!

These pieces of mail where sent by Bryon from Mexico (plus another postcard to be published). They took two to three months to arrive.

Agave Landscape

Hidalgo Garden, in Tlaquepaque

This is a very original one. The menu of a restaurant in Sacramento (California, the USA), but sent from Mexico as well. It is a big A3, folded twice... The kind of things that the owners never suspect to be sent by mail. Let alone to Morocco!

08 October 2017

Sunday Stamps | J(heronymus Bosch)

This set of 10 stamps was presented on 4 January 2016 with the title 500 Years of Jhieronymus Bosh, to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the death of the painter. On each stamp is a significant scene from his work the The Haywain Triptychcurrently housed in the Museo del Prado (Madrid, Spain). The edge of each stamp features a brief explanation, written by Jos Koldeweij, Professor of Medieval Art History at Radboud University Nijmegen and an expert on Bosch’s work. 

I was really happy to see this impressive painting in person, last year, and then to receive the receive the whole set on a packet from Heleen (the Netherlands).

I am adding this post to Sunday Stamps-II, for the letter J (Although in English the name begins with an H...!)

07 October 2017

Two Birdies

It happened again: These two arrived the same morning, on a postcard from Micu (Hungary) and on another postcard from Heleen (the Netherlands). I think I heard trills when I was approaching to the mailbox...

06 October 2017

Back to School

Cover of the Ladybird book Read and Write, 1964, by William Murray. Illustrated by J. J. Wingfield. Postcard sent by Laura (the UK).

I added it to Postcards for the Weekend; the theme this week is Children.

05 October 2017

Plain Paper Bag

Eric's mail art call made me discover that there are a lot of funny ways of reuse a paper bag. But, also, you can just send it, like this letter from Josep. It contained a short letter and a little nice book.

03 October 2017

Maybe These Cows Are Friends...

Thatched cottage typical of the type to be found along the West coast of Ireland from Donegal to Kerry. Sent by Laura (the UK).

Le Beaufortain, Savoie. Le col des Saisies (1650 m). Pâturage face à la station et au Massif du Mont Blanc. Sent by Maria (France).

(Both postcards, sent on 23 July and 11 August, arrived the same day in Morocco.)

02 October 2017

Starbucks Bag

Envelope made by Eric (France), of a reused paper bag from the brand Starbucks. I was surprised that they sell stickers. But, as the sender explained on a comment, they don't. The stickers (and tape in other envelopes), has no real link with the company.

You can see on Eric's blog this one and some similar creations.

01 October 2017

Sunday Stamps | I(ngrid Bergman)

I received this letter from Phillip more than a year ago. It was sent from the USA, with the right amount of American postage, plus two Swedish stamps (from a joint issue between the two countries). All the stamps are dedicated to the Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman, and issued in 2015.

And the cancellations are very cool, aren't they?

This is a post for the letter I of Sunday Stamps-II. Today's letter is I.

30 September 2017

Canadian Shape

Postcard received from Phillip (Canada). It shows "The eclectic shops & sights of Toronto's Chinatown and Kensigton Market".

On the back, three stamps belonging to the set that Canada Post issued to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the country.

I think that set is really cool (see here the stories behind every stamp). I have been very lucky, because I have got even more of them. For instance, on this cool envelope sent also by Phillip, with special postmarks.

And on this letter sent by Rosemary:


I added this post to Maria's link Postcards for the Weekend. This week's theme is Touristic multi-view.

29 September 2017

From the Mountains

Postcard sent by Micu. Mailed from Hungary, but showing the amazing landscape of the Earth Pyramides in Renon (Italy).

Sunshine Coast (British Columbia, Canada), sent by Rosemary. Six wonderful stamps but any postmark (?).

28 September 2017

From the Beach - II

Two postcards sent by Laura (the UK). Above, some bays in Broadstairs, a coastal town in the Thanet district of east Kent, England.

Below: Walkers on the beach at Sandymouth, Cornwall. I love this picture!