24 July 2017

The Non-Post Office in Rome

When I was in Rome, I visited two modern post offices. I guess there must be an old beautiful building hosting the main post office anywhere, but I didn't see it. However, I found something stranger... a non-post office!

23 July 2017

I Want to Visit this Museum

Bronze statue of Poseidon found in the sea to the east of Livadostra Bay, Boeotia, dated around 480 BC. The eyes were inlaid in a different material. Poseidon, as master of the seas, was primarily worshipped at seaside locations. To the left, the name of the god is written in Linear B script, as it appears on the clay tablets from the Mycenaean palace of Pylos, dated around 1200 BC. 

This is one of the 6-stamps set that Hellenic Post dedicates to the 150 years of the National Archaeological Museum, the oldest museum in the country, the largest archaeological museum of Greek territory and one of the most important in the world.

The blue and the golden of the stamp are far better in person. I would like to see the rest, and also the museum itself. So I chose it for today's Sunday Stamps - II's theme: A place or building you want to see.

A mail adventure as a bonus: I received it by snail mail, but not directly from Greece (via the USA).

22 July 2017

21 July 2017

20 July 2017

Swimming Pools on Stamps

This should be an essential topic for all the postal administrations every summer...

19 July 2017

Dear Friend

Dear Friend is a letter-writing project celebrating women in public life and struggles for liberation. It is based in Manchester (the UK), and this is how it works:
Write a letter to support a woman who inspired you or who made a difference in an area of equality: such as the fight against slavery; racial discrimination; or the ongoing fight for peace.
We'll digitise and transcribe it, put it on the website, and help raise the profile of whoever you think we need to celebrate. You can write anything from a postcard to a full letter, and hand-write it or type it.
How to contribute?

18 July 2017

Mooi Nederland

Stationsplein ('Station Square') in Utrecht

Het Binnenhof, in The Hague
(What is a hof?)

Rijksmuseum, in Amsterdam

Postcards and matching stamps (How nice is that?) sent by Heleen

16 July 2017

2017 Europa Stamps Competition

Today's theme in Sunday Stamps - II is Statues or Monuments. I thought immediately in castles, because this is the theme of the 2017 EUROPA Stamp Competition.

I have received only the beautiful Dutch castles so far. The 10-stamp sheetlet contains two stamp varieties and was designed by Hague-based graphic designer Bart de Haas. It features images of two Dutch moated castles, Doornenburg and Ammersoyen

Here you can view the rest and vote for you favourite until 9 September. It is quite difficult to choose only one!

15 July 2017

The Mountains or the Sea?

Postcard sent by Laura (the UK). This is Errigal Mountain in "the rugged and beautiful" County of Donegal. With a scratch that I thought was part of the picture, at first sight.

Mama's Beach, by Jan Kasprzycki. The real beach is on Maui's North Shore. This is another postcard that arrived thanks to the #AtoZChallenge. It arrived just two days after someone from Maui commented on the blog. It is my second postcard from Hawaii (but actually this was sent from Canada, by Rosemary).

But it is more likely that I visit the Mediterranean Sea, like on this postcard of the Costa Brava sent by Mom. Beautiful beaches near home! 

14 July 2017

14 Juillet

Ts envelope to Philippe (France) is my first attempt of sending mail related to the French National Day or Bastille Day, celebrated on 14 July. I tried even to find a French-like stamp: it is not a Gallic rooster, but it is a rooster! I must say that the result was more naïf that I expected.

10 July 2017

09 July 2017

Aerial Views

Some Aerial Views for Sunday Stamps-II, received from the UK (British Coastlines set, 2002) and the USA (Earthscapes set, 2012). 

08 July 2017

Yellow Bear

Letter sent to Laura (the UK). The template for the envelope was Naomi's, I just added some colour.

Naomi Loves is one of my favourite snail-mail related sites. If you subscribe to her newsletter, you get free monthly mail art templates like this, and lots of snail mail ideas.)

07 July 2017

How Can You Not Love Letters?

«How can you not love letters? I have boxes of old letters -and every so often I take them out, unfold them and re-read them. They remind me of the person I once was; the loves and losses I have suffered over the years; my own personal history captured in ink. »

Liz Williams, Kind Regards: The Lost Art of Letter Writing